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    Past Medical History (Please check the appropriate boxes)AnemiaArthritisAutoimmune DiseaseBleeding disordersCancerCellulitisCongestive heart failureDeep vein thrombosisDiabetesFracture historyFungal InfectionsGoutHeart DiseaseHigh cholesterolHigh blood pressureGastrointestinal disordersKidney diseaseLiver diseaseNeuropathyOsteaporosisPeripheral vascular diseasePoor circulationPsoriasisSciatica / Back problemsSeizure disorderStrokeThyroid problemsVaricose veinsWarts

    AllergiesNo know allergiesPenicillinSulfaIodineAdhesive / TapeLocal AnestheticsCortisonAspirin

    Family history
    DiabetesCirculatory ProblemHeart DiseaseGoutHigh Blood Pressure

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    The above information is correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand that throughout my treatment at the Kingston Foot and Ankle Clinic I am responsible for notifying the Chiropodist of any and all updates to the information listed above. I give permission to the Kingston Foot and Ankle Clinic to use pictures of my lower extremity as an educational tool in videos and/or pamphlets. I understand that my identity will not be disclosed to the public in these pictures. No personal/medical information will be released to third parties without prior verbal or written consent. I consent to the assessment and/or treatment by the Chiropodist.