The Kingston Foot and Ankle Clinic offers a state-of-the-art array of services to help promote a pain free recovery of your foot and ankle health. Our professionally trained foot care specialists are constantly upgrading their knowledge and skills as we introduce new techniques and technology proven to help offer effective relief to our patients. From basic preventative care to the latest NeuroCryoStimulation science and laser technology, the Kingston Foot and Ankle Clinic is well equipped to meet your foot care needs.


Laser Therapy for Nails with a Fungal Infection

Nails with a fungus often look thicker, brittle and discoloured. They can have a small amount of yellowing, or change appearance all together, making them unsightly and uncomfortable.

Now laser therapy for nail fungus (onychomycosis) can be used to penetrate the nail and matrix to free the area of fungus. Many patients need only one treatment, some may need up to 3. An assessment of your nails is essential before treatment to determine if the fungal infection is right through the nail and how advanced the infection is.

Laser therapy works to kill fungus at the time of the appointment. The nail takes 12-18 months to grow a whole new one. You will not notice a difference with your toenails until the new nails start to grow in.

The success rate of growing a new healthy looking nail depends on several things:

  • Using an anti-fungal topical cream or solution twice a day until the new nail grows in
  • Using an anti-fungal agent in footwear
  • Always make sure footwear has a proper fit and toes are not crammed into too tight footwear, as this makes it very easy to grow a new fungal infection
  • Sparingly, only use nail polish with an anti-fungal ingredient, and only allow pedicures with sterilized instruments (with an autoclave) not just disinfected!
  • Dry your toes and feet well after bathing, change socks daily and don’t stay in damp socks and shoes

Things to do before your appointment:

  • Remove all nail polish, gloss or hardener, as well as stop treating with a topical anti-fungal 2 days before treatment. Nails must be free of all substances.
  • Remove all toe rings and jewelry from the toes
  • Your nails should be reduced in thickness (if they are very thick), and that could be done at the start of your appointment

Treating toenails by laser is painless and takes less than 30 minutes. The laser passes over each toenail to ensure that all areas of the nail, the nail matrix and all sides have been covered. All 10 toenails must be done, even if symptoms are in only one toenail, for the treatment to be successful. Please note that nails damaged by trauma also will show improvement from the laser fungus treatment, but the nail may always be damaged or disfigured.

Additional Services

Full orthotic lab and services:
We manufacture all types-corrective and accommodative, sports, dress, work boot, diabetic, arthritic; all repairs to all appliances, modifications, adjustments

Customized fitting of orthotics into sandals

All toe appliances
Including: bunion splints, inter-digital corns, day and/or night time use


Professional footcare:
ingrown nails,thick/fungal nail reduction/management,callus/corns, warts, wound care

Balance improvement/fall prevention